BREATHING INFINITY is an innovative air filtration system, designed and developed by Nardi Compressori for processing and drying of Breathing Air in accordance with EN12021
international standard. This system can regenerate the filters in a continuous cycle, without requiring any maintenance during its running time, ensuring a continuous air flow and a very high level of breathing air quality.

The INFINITY system was designed and built to ensure air purity even in critical working conditions, where a standard filtration system would require daily regular maintenance.
Made for industrial and large plants and other applications in the treatment of breathable air, INFINITY guarantees a very high level of safety such as to be endorsed by DAN INT.

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Here some further details.

  • 01    BREATHING AIR according to DIN EN 12021
  • 02    PROCESS FLOW UP TO 1000 L/MIN - 60 M3/H
  • 03    WORKING PRESSURE From 150 Bar to 425 Bar From 2000 PSI to 6000 PSI