High quality:
our passion,
our mission


Who We Are

Nardi Compressori develops innovative solutions in every market fields that use compressed gas: from the automotive to the aerospace, from medical to the world of sports, from agriculture to craftsmanship, from constructions to industrial purposes.

Mission & Vision

Nardi Compressori means constant evolution: more innovation, more quality, more security and an higher customer satisfaction are what drive us everyday.

We are an Italian reality that has internalized every single steps of our production process: this means we are able to quickly develop and offer 100% Made in Italy compressors while boosting our know how. We introduce on a daily basis new techniques and we work side by side with our customers to guarantee quality and an effective deployment of our products.

Everyday we work to offer the best product to our customers, by foreseeing the market needs and guiding the market’s technological growth. We do so by developing new products, updating existing models and bby integrating custom requests.



The company was founded by the Nardi and Ghiotto families to develop the first low pressure oil free reciprocating compressors; even if today we are called just “Nardi Compressori”, the Ghiotto’s family heritage still lives nowadays thanks to the “G” in the company logo.


We succeded on the market thanks to our mission: keep on innovating. To do so we have succesfully acquired a relevant know how in the development of compressors that make us design the future of this market. Every day we grow and this growth has led Nardi Compressore to relocate itself in a new production plant of 7.000 mq.


Thanks to an efficient production line and to the introduction of new departments the Nardi Compressori’s production capacity grow both for quality and quantity. ISO 9001 certification remarks the efficiency of our quality management system.


After an extraordinary increase of its presence on the international scene thanks to its professional sales network, NARDI COMPRESSORI opens a foreign branch in Dubai.


Constant developments in the production processes and in the technologies applied made Nardi Compressori reach the record amount of 40.000 compressors produced.


Research and Development is something we don’t take lightly. Nardi Compressori’s mission is to always offer to the market high performing products and to develop from scratch new solutions.


Research and Development

Beating heart of Nardi Compressori is the research and development department: since day 1 we firmly believe in future and innovation. The strenght of these ideas made us obtain the approval and trust of our customers. When we look to the future we don’t get stuck in the past: we always look for a way to improve what we are.

To achive this goal is crucial to be able to “sound out” the market: every requests and notes are a chance to take in consideration new ideas. We work to turn these ideas into reality.

The R&D deparment is backed by an extremely flexible organisation that allows to carry out projects in a very short time: whenever a new product meets all the necessary requirements we patent it to protect this solution to provide the market with real value.

Everyday we work for a better tomorrow.