The filtering systems and cartridges manufactured by NARDI COMPRESSORI have been designed and produced to optimize their efficiency and for maximum safety during their use. The duty of the NARDI COMPRESSORI extensive filter and cartridge range is to purify air and any compressed gases, to remove water and oil remains and any odors that might pass through mechanical separators. These filters are equipped with an extra mechanical separator which spin-dries air and eliminates liquids prior to entry in the filter intake.

All filters have a maintenance valve to ensure maximum contact of gases with the absorbing materials, this procedure guarantees conformity with breathing air restrictions DIN EN 12021:2014. The cartridge body is completely built in aluminum, it contains two felt disks to remove larger particles, a molecular sieve to discharge water vapor, activated carbon to eliminate oil vapors and odors and hopcalite (optional) to convert CO to CO2. All cartridges go through a decontamination process, they are sealed and vacuum-packed to ensure integrity of the drying material from any external agents over the time.

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