Filter purifer – optional

NARDI’s Medical range, has been designed to cater for numerous applications, combined with the oil-free NARDI COMPRESSORI pump unit it purifies the air inside the machine. NARDI DRYERS with their compact and modern design ensure a complete and high quality air purification. Medical, Dental and Industrial applications such as chemical and pharmaceutical plants and laboratories all need the highest quality of compressed air. Our ultra-absorbing dryers can generate an air quality with the lowest possible dew point, therefore our customers can work with a perfectly dehydrated, clean and odorless air.


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This filter is particularly suitable for removing the bacteria present in compressed air.

FILTER PURIFER 0.01 – output air purity class ISO8573-1: 1.7.2

The job of the filter purifier is to separate liquid and solid particles dispersed in the compressed air with a high degree of efficiency.
This separation is achieved by means of a special filtering element called a “coalescence cartridge”.